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Transfer, copy and conversion of Super 8 and Standard 8mm home movie films to MP4 format onto a USB drive or SD card.

**Measure the width of reel & use chart for length, add together all reels for total length.**

  • Standard 8 mm and Super 8
  • Frame by frame scanning
  • MP4 footage will have the same look as watching the film to preserve the natural look (NO enhancements)
  • Film will NOT be altered/edited except for blank spots and unuseable footage
  • MP4 files will be named IF info is on the reel of film box
  • Files CAN be edited by you
  • We will NOT splice together broken film
  • LED lamp is used to prevent any hotspots or film damage
  • 3" diameter - 50ft, 3 minutes
  • 4" diameter - 100ft, 6 minutes
  • 5" diameter - 200ft, 12 minutes
  • 7" diameter - 400ft, 24 minutes
  • 1 - 2 weeks for processing
  • Setup fee is included price
  • Shipping fee is for return service
  • NOT responeable for lost or damaged film(s) during shipping
  • Enclose a copy of your paid order invoice with your film shippment 

Movie Transfer

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